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The processing of the entire weapon is carried out with high-tech machines guaranteeing the highest quality.
However, human commitment remains fundamental, and this is created with many years of work and accumulation of gunsmithing experience.


Production with high precision CNC machines

With this industrialization we tackle the quality and potential production of 40,000 units per year with excellent results.

DLC coating

DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating is a thin film of amorphous carbon that, when gets in touch with some materials such as steel, transfers to it many of the beneficial properties commonly associated with natural diamonds, i.e hardness and resistance to chemicals and scratches.
Already used in several technologically advanced industries such as automotive, medical, and racing, DLC is now the most durable, innovative, and environmentally friendly coating OLMI can apply to its products.

Screenshot 2023-10-27 230153.png
foglia di felce

Green Technology

For its application, DLC does not involve the use of solvents or dangerous substances: this makes it non-toxic and environmentally neutral. 

PVD coating

The cathode arc PVD deposition technology has made great progress and offers stable and high quality results on any type of material. The thin film is generated physically, i.e. by evaporating the metals that make up the coating layer. The transport from the sources to the parts to be treated takes place through a vapor or plasma (low pressure ionized gas). The deposition is favored by the presence of an electric field.

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